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Looks like I accidently doubled the article. We both must have been moving it at the same time. I'll nominate Hussein pleads "not guilty" for speedy deletion. Nevermind. I'm tired and confuzzled. --Wolfrider 15:02, 20 October 2005 (UTC)

If he doesn't recognise the court, why does he enter a plea? 200510220847 UTC

The speach of Saddam seems to be distorted heavily in the press. Here is what I came across on that same day (in a web forum, so is not traceable) [1]:

Saddam: I don't recognise the group that gave you the authority and assigned you. Aggression is illegitimate and what is built on illegitimacy is illegitimate.

Neither can confirm, nor rebut the authencity. However to rule so long is impossible for an imbecile. It may well happen as with Slobodan Miloshevic (thinks in Hague are not doing very well).