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some more facts[edit]

  • iTMS first opened in the U.S. April, 2003. (1,2)
  • June 2004, iTMS opened in Germany, France, and UK. (1,2)
  • October 2004, nine other EU countries got iTMS: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain (1,2)
  • Apple is planning to open a retail store in Tronto (2)
  • Price for Canadians is the cheapest (3)
  • iTunes holds 70% share in legal online music distribution (2)
  • More than 150million songs are sold so far through iTunes. (1,2)
  • The Canadian iTMS offers more than 700,000 songs. (4)
  • Reuse rights such as burning to CDs, playing in different computers and devices are given to the users, just like iTunes users in other countries. (4)
  • Competitors in Canada include Napster and Puretracks. (5)


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Tomos 23:07, 2 Dec 2004 (UTC)

iTunes Details?[edit]

I'm not sure if we should add details that are universal on iTMS, such as the personal rights of purchased music as they should already be covered in the Wikipedia article that is linked. --Xanadu 18:47, 3 Dec 2004 (UTC)

I personally prefer articles to be long and sort of complete, but either is acceptable here, expecially because there is no nutrality issue at stake. Tomos 00:17, 4 Dec 2004 (UTC)


Remarks inline... --- Late today, Apple Computer's [use "Apple Computer, Inc." or something similar to be consistent with corporate names used below] iTunes Music Store (iTMS) [no need for "was"] opened to Canada ["Canadians" is preferable, since people, not the state, will use the service]. The ["services'", because iTMS is not just a bunch of songs] 700,000+ songs are priced at CAD 99¢ (USD 84¢) ["each"] [delete "making it"] the lowest price of any iTMS localization to date.

iTMS Canada was announced during the launch of the iPod photo, iPod Special Edition: U2, and EU iTMS on October 26, [this needs to be a period or "when"] Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated that the Canada localization was planned for November. Apple apologized today for missing its own deadline, [replace "and announced that" with "adding"] the store [replace "was to" with "will"] be launched "very soon." No reason [replace "has been" with "was"] given for the delay.

With 70% market share of all legal online music downloads [according to what source? in what markets? iTMS Canada, being new as of the time of this story, has zero market share...], iTMS Canada is [We don't know this! We, or an expert, can project sales, but to state this as fact without a source is wrong.] stiff ["stiff" is a biased qualifier. In this story, we've fallen in love with iTMS Canada] competition for the current Canadian choices in music downloads which include (Quebecor Media Inc.), (The legal reincarnation of Napster), and (Moontaxi Media Inc.). [do these companies have comments about iTMS Canada? If not, then we just made overstated our educated guess as a hard fact.]

The Canada localization is the 13th nation to be added to iTMS following its launch in the United States in April 2003; France, U.K., and Germany were added in June of this year and all European Union countries, sans [using "/sans/" when "except" has a more evident meaning, is unnecessary] Ireland, were added in October.

Shouldn't this be reviewed already?[edit]

Just out of curiosity (and because I still don't get all the details of the publishing process), this news is from December 1, shouldn't it have passed the review process already? Is there need for more corrections en lieu of not passing the review process, or is it complete enough to publish?

Also, instead of recommending changes in the discussion, shouldn't you correct the article yourself? The author might not have the time to do it, and he can always rollback if he doesn't agree with them, and besides, I don't think anyone would take offense if another person corrects the article directly... --Shana 20:49, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Capital i[edit]

Not to be super picky, but iTMS shouldn't start with a capital i. The product is iTunes, therefore the acronym would also begin with the lowercase i. --Jonathan Patt 22:36, 22 Dec 2004 (UTC)