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See Romania, 14th most attractive country for business relocation for the orginal article. CGorman 22:35, 8 Feb 2005 (UTC)

In response to these comments:

I question the neutrality of this article. Appearing on #14 on a list does not merit such prominent treatment. A neutral article would have to treat the countries appearing higher on the list more prominently than the ones appearing lower. While I appreciate the local stories from Romania, this one is written for a Romanian audience.--Eloquence 12:49, 8 Feb 2005 (UTC)

I agree totally - if an article is warrented for this list, then the title should be Country x ranked best place to do business in the World with the body of the article individually going through the top 5 or 10 and then a complete table at the end of the article. This is a blatently opinionated article. CGorman 21:49, 8 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Well, excuse me, but if you find that my articles are so opinionated, then instead of deleting perfectly factual and useful information, try to match it. It is no way correct or even for the benefit of Wikinews for you to delete information just because it gives to much attention to "a country that is ranked 14th". What you are doing is, in the interest of making the article seem less opinionated, you are making it less informative. All the information about Romania is now gone, which would've been useful to have. Eloquence, you said, "this one is written for a Romanian audience" - so what? Now, by deleting all the Romania information, it is of no relevance at all to the Romanian audience, when we could've made it relevant to both a non-Romanian and a Romanian audience. Therefore, Wikinews is at a loss of one audience - the Romanian audience, if you want it in more theoretical terms. The problem with some people here is that, instead of working harder to "challenge the competition", if you like, are cutting down those subjects which feature too prominently. You seem to have this grudge that just because in recent times Romania is being featured prominently on Wikinews, we should stop featuring it that importantly in order to maintain a "balance". What in fact should happen is you should work harder to produce articles about other countries to counter the "opinionated" lean towards Romania. I don't disagree with your move to the India title, just to the fact that you removed my contribution. Basically, you deleted my article! My contribution chose to feature Romania, it is my country and I invested time to contribute to that article, which just got deleted (or "redirected"). It is not OK to simply delete that. To put it more bluntly (and I don't want to seem arrogant here), I am the author, therefore I decide what goes in the article. As long as its NPOV and factual, there's nothing wrong with that. If you want to balance out something, then create a new article, with the India title which features a table and writes mainly about India, and leave the Romania article where it is. We could even have a series of articles, a bit like case studies. They do that in a lot of newspapers, sort of like a report in global offshoring.
Yes, you may say, Wikinews is becoming Romania-centric. So what? Is there a problem with that? Wikipedia is European-centric and US-centric while it doesn't feature, say, Africa, a lot. That's fair, only because Africans don't contribute to the encyclopedia. There are a lot of people, however, who contribute African content to the Wikipedia. Instead of deleting European articles about the intricacies of certain German villages and articles about Swedish supermarkets, they add articles about African subjects while leaving the European ones there. In that case, there is a gain. By deleting the European articles, in this analogy, there would be a loss. However, you done just that with my article. So, please, in the future, unless there is good reason - as in , lack of NPOV, inaccuracy, etc, please don't delete my contributions just because they feature Romania. Instead, write a new, general article or include the Romania part as a subsection. Thanks, Ronline 05:31, 9 Feb 2005 (UTC)