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Mr. Miscellaneous - I take your point about single sources but my argument would be that a major organisation like HRW issuing such a comprehensive study of such a major issue is a news story in its own right - and at the time I wrote the story (notwithstanding the backdated BBC article, which wasn't appearing on google news at the time) it was "breaking news" - and Human Rights Watch themselves were the only source I could find for the story.

As this is primarily a story about HRW issuing a major new report, and as HRW themselves have announced that they're launching this report, and as the entire report is viewable online, I think we're on pretty safe ground in our assertion that HRW has issued a new report. In fact, you could say that we have direct eyewitness confirmation for the assertion (eg. I checked the HRW website, and you can too - the report is here:

It would of course be nice to have some independent evaluation of the claims that HRW makes in their new report, but unfortunately none was available at the time I wrote this piece. As you'll see, I've since added a story from BBC News, but unfortunately as far as I can see they do almost the same thing as we've done - eg. just give an outline of the report and its conclusions!

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