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This article is poorly researched and biased in favor of Japan. Chinese and Taiwanese views are not represently at all.

In fact, both China and Taiwan think the island belongs to "China".

And China and Taiwan call the island with the same name in Chinese characters, though not spell the same in English. (Could English really be used to discuss name dispute in Chinese?)

Finally, spelling errors. Chinese pinyin system spell the island as "Diaoyu Dao".

Well, I guess I see wiki's weekness now. (<-- comment from anonymous IP)

Greetings "",
I'm surprised by your opinion that this article is biased in favor of Japan, because publicizing these "defense" plans reflects quite poorly on Japan. If you read the article I cited from People's Daily, they use a lot of the article to publicize Japan's "defense" plans as well, in an effort to show that Japan is militarizing and trying to play up a perceived threat from China.
I'm not sure what views from China and Taiwan you feel are not represented, as this story is largely about Japanese plans for the area, and China and Taiwan have not yet officially commented on this latest development. Please could you expand upon your comments?
In any case, I thank you for taking a second look at the pinyin translations. I am still a student of pinyin, and I have a hard time with names for people and locations, as my translator and learning materials only help with a small number of such names. For this article, I used the pinyin translations from the sources linked in the References section, so I am interested if you think those sources are incorrect.
Do you have a source that you could refer me to for corrected translations that I could use to double-check proper names in this region when writing future articles?
Finally, please feel free to jump in and edit the article in the future, because I am open to any factual corrections that need to be made.
Although I've read a number of articles on this dispute, I still have much to learn. I will be grateful if you can provide pointers to additional sources of information and viewpoints on this topic, that go beyond the sources I cited in the References section.
DV 10:48, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC)