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This was a report to the Wikimedia Communications Committee list by Mathias Schindler. It was obvious the news would pounce on it, so I quickly made sure Wikinews was first to report it :-) I wrote it up based on Mathias' initial notes and his notes on Larry's speech. AlisonW got the quote from Brad. I expect Mathias will add to it as we go on. - David Gerard 14:40, 15 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Mathias' rough transcript[edit]

Larry Sanger

My talk is going to be low tech. there are tens of millions of intellectiuals online today. The very though makes me quiver. "If we pool".

We may take Wikipedia of an early prototype. Started 5 years ago, today million articles in 100 languages. Has introduced everyone the world to collaborative work... what it can achieve.

I alway have been a fan of wikipedia and I still am. I want to launch something better. When I started at wikipedia, I was also working at Nupedia. Wikipedia: side project.

Many misconception about Nupedia and why it failed but I don't have time to go into detail.

Some problems: Community does not enforce its policies consistently. Admins act abusively. Widespread anonymity. Insular. hard for new people to join. This dysfunctional community vs experts. No special place for experts. As a result, it seems likely the project will never escape the amateurism. There is something wrong with it.

Can Wikipedia can recover from this projects. First step is: Accept that there a problem. If they react to critics, they will just tell why I am wrong.

Failure to recognize is a reflection of the problem that they are political problems. Self-Selection Community.

Start a new community. I propose a fork: Citycendium

Articles will be imported as long as there is nothing in citicendium.

"I do not think I have all the details right". It needs all the input it can get.

A new role: Editor. Others are authors.

"Shoulder to shoulder"... No top-down fashing. No

Keine Anoynmität, kein Logged-out.

"Policy will be inforced by Constables"

"it will not call itself encyclopedia, it will call it experimental workspace"

GFDL, no advertisement, it may contain sponsorship,

Independant from the DUF at this time.

Virtually the same for NPOV, no Original research, same Mediawiki.

Open for beta testing at the end of the month for servers. For edits: later

"Join the mailing list. Wait for the announcement for the start of the wiki".

"Making this project international".

"Should we make a similar fork to the German language Wikipedia?"

"the finest kind of advisors who speak on behalf of the Citicendium"

Full transscript[edit]