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We should also point to recent discussions about NK which make a big deal out of the fact that NK had not previously declared nukes... even though there were many who took it for granted, impolrtant discussions would end with one party saying "Even if NK was developing nukes (and it's probably not so likely), ..." (cf the COMMENTARY ref., where such comments from Japan/SK/China come up) Sj

Didn't they tell American and Chinese ambassadors that they had nukes and would test soon in 2003? I vaguely recall... My understanding of this story is not so much that nobody thought they weren't developing nuclear weapons (they said they were many times), but that nobody really knew how much of their supposed progress was bluff (they still haven't shown any proof they've developed working nukes, and not having tested, it's uncertain what "working nuke" even means in this context). --Fastfission 05:24, 12 Feb 2005 (UTC)


Tough to know what that means if you're not from North Korea, maybe put a link to Democratic People's Republic of Korea or something cause the abreviation wasn't used before. 16:45, 10 Feb 2005 (UTC)