office suite version 2.0 has been released

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Possibly useful for original reporting: OOo 2.0 visually is not compatible with windows-computers which do not run Windows-XP or do not use the default windows colorscheme. Reason being that the toolbars were "polished" with gradients to fit better with Windows XPs default theme. When users informed the devs multiple times that their "native rendering of toolbars" results in the opposite (looking non-native and in the case of dark desktop color-schemes so ugly that it almost becomes unusable), the answer of the devs was that everyone is using Windows XP anyways and that the earlier Windows-Versions dont matter anymore.

To see the problem, simply install OOo 2.0 on a Windows PC and switch to a dark colorscheme(dark background, bright foreground).

This is especially ironic since the OOo-Website prides itself with claiming that 2.0 now better integrates with the native-theme of the Client-OS. Considering that they are fully aware of what they did, this gives a strong impression that concerning the Windows-world, the project does not care anymore about pre-XP installations. -- talk

I'll add something about this. It mightn't be as strongly critical as you might like, but I'll give it a mention. I also plan to publish this article. Moving it back to development hasn't sparked any development, and although it could be better, it's not a bad article. 16:37, 21 October 2005 (UTC)Reply