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The question here is: Did Robin Cook die of a natural cause ?

now that is a very good question. one would think "yes" as he was no longer,apparently, of any political importance...if,however,the answer is "no"; then that may raise the level of political gangsterism to the level of vendetta or indicate he had some inside information. I'm not knowledgeable about British politics so I have no opinion. I do have a feeling that your Dr. David Kelly was murdered(or shown a cellphone live feed to someone pointing a gun at his wife/kids while he was handed suicide instruments). I am also pretty sure that these 5 Americans were murdered by unknown assailants; the 3 Senators through use of this weapon [[1]] which Bush Sr. has had access to for 20+years.;J.Kennedy,Sen.P.Wellstone,H.Thompson,Sen.J.Tower, and Sen.J.Heinz....but as far as Robin Cook is concerned; if they were willing and able to do Princess Di, then this guy was likely a "sure,why not". Paulrevere2005 22:29, 7 August 2005 (UTC)
  • So Paul, is it your opinion that Cook might've been killed in a cover-up and that David Kelly was killed in the same fashion? --Mrmiscellanious 22:44, 7 August 2005 (UTC)
  • Well, one first needs to realize what we(U.S. Government) are capable of[[2]].I don't really know enough about this to have a strong opinion except that the Kelly "suicide" seemed "off"..just didn't ring true..he had already gone through the tough part...and the July 7th. attacks look to me like a covert "mule" job by U.S. undercover ops (the dead bombers being the duped mules). If so, the way the gangsters work is to act fast and decisive and take care of all the loose ends at once. I don't think the British are in the loop on this but they certainly know how to make lemonade out of lemons just by copying what the U.S. did after 9/11 (Patriot Act).That's why the Blair team is now so hot to push thorugh the reactionary restrictions on civil rights. Strike while the iron is hot. If there was evidence that Cook had some some damaging inside info then it would make sense that he was slipped a pill...but I just think,as I said at the beginning, regarding the cause of death; "that is a very good question". Paulrevere2005 23:25, 7 August 2005 (UTC)