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This article is not a repeat. Spacex have yet again cancelled their launch - and put another launch announcement up.

If you're fond of deleting things, go speedily delete their invalid launch announcement.

Is this the current state of Wikinews?[edit]

I can't believe how POV this article is, and the mindless contempt of trying to prepare a story about launching a spacecraft. The maiden launch of any rocket is going to have repeated delays and set backs. Honestly, the Falcon I has a surprisingly smooth launch history compared to other rockets in the past, and this is just growing pains for a new rocket company. Perhaps this is just new to Wikinews reporters who aren't familiar with how things in the space industry works.

BTW, it was not SpaceX who posted and prepared the story, but rather I was the person who started the seemingly eternal prepared story about the launch of the Falcon I rocket. It will launch, but it will be a spectacular success or failure. Either way, it is a worthy news story and something that deserves to be in the prepared story bin. If you disagree, nominate the prepared story for deletion. Don't write contemptful stories of this nature that shows Wikinews to be a bunch of rank amatures. --Robert Horning 18:57, 11 February 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]