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You can verify! Here are up to date news from hungarian state news agency reportings in english:

This is an ongoing event. I would say it is like the Profumo affair or the Watergate in significance for a nation's history. Hungary is a European Union member since mid-2004 and a NATO member since early 1999, so it is incredible that such undemocratic means of a regime of total government lies could be established, but it is encouraging that the people are standing up in the street to end it.

The big fear people have hear is that it may end up like the 1956 revolution started: oppressive government used weapons on the people and a bloody conflict followed. The 50th anniversary of autumn 1956 hungarian revolution is only one months away.

I am suprised neither CNN, nor BBC carries anything about it on their websites. We are not the 3rd world! 22:48, 17 September 2006 (UTC)

Live video is now more reliably accessible[edit]

The MMS based live video feed of Hír Tv seems more reliably available now, it is 310kbps MPEG-4 with 320x240 size, only about 3 seconds delay from realtime (what I see on the cable TV connected TV set).

The crowd is now about 3000 people in front of the parliament building, according to Hír Tv. Two other crowd columns are marching to the residence of the figurehead president (to ask him dissolve the parliament) and to protest in front of Gyurcsány's luxury villa (which his wife inherited from her top communist boss grandfather, who go it as a reward for organizing the prearranged trial and execution of 1956 revolutionary leader Imre Nagy.

By the way, a catholic nun martyr of WWII jew-saving was pompouosly inaugurated to local blessed (beatified) heavenly rank today in the morning here in Budapest, on order of Pope XVI. It was mere hours before the lies news broke. I already see web forum entries saying that it was she, Sara Szalkahazi, who pleaded to God in heaven to make a miracle and expose the unrepentent lies of Ferenc Gurcsány. They are asking to make her into a full saint on fast-track Vatican schedule, based on this miracle. This weird idea shows how excited the mood has become here. 23:03, 17 September 2006 (UTC)

Hír-Jazeera / if PM steps down Budapest's mayor will fall as well[edit]

Nothing can now save HírTV channel from becoming the hungarian local equivalent of CNN or Al-Jazeera. Their swift coverage of the 20th August 2006 storm disaster during the massive Budapest firework was excellent. They are doing well covering this protest now. Many were previously opposed to them based on their right-leaning agenda, but they do their job and I see admiring comments now. All hungarian web portals, even the big ultra-libertine are directly quoting them. All other local TV channels (two national commerical ground air, one state-funded ground air and two state-funded satellite channels) seem fairly ignorant.

If Gurcsány fells due to this scandal, mayor of Budapest and libertine SZDSZ party strongarm Gábor Demszky will also fall, municipal elections are on 1st of October 2006 and his ratings are suprisingly low after 16 years of totally unsuccessful majorship. Once "Paris of the east" Budapest is now mere ruins compared to Prague or even Bratislava, no new bridges since communism fell in 1989 and the old ones are now crumpling. Demszky's fall would destroy the power of SZDSZ party, whose rating never exceeded 7%, but are strong in fiscals and among Budapest elite (upper class) voters.

This evening and night is a landslide or even a mud avalanche in hungarian politics and J. S. Bach is a master of fugues. 23:22, 17 September 2006 (UTC)

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