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For Fact-checkers[edit]

For those without WSJ access, there is a Reuters article summarizing the WSJ report. -- IlyaHaykinson 11:03, 29 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Well written. I will do some fact checking. Thanks for the link. Tomos 22:55, 31 Dec 2004 (UTC)

List of facts I could/ could not verify:

  • Time Warner has 11 mil. customers.
    • (yes) (New York Times)
  • Time Warner is the first among major cable systems to offer the quadruple package.
    • (yes) Cable Digital News
  • The quadruple package is called "quadruple threat"
    • (no) I found quadruple play in Financial Times and Kansas City Star.
  • The package is first offered in Kansas City, MO
    • (yes) (Kansas City Star)
  • The package is offered by the end of March.
    • (yes) Reuters
  • Time Warner has 200K voice customers.
    • (yes) (Cable Digital News; Light Reading)
  • Time Warner was adding 10K customers per week in mid-December.
    • (yes) (Cable Digital News; Light Reading)
  • Time Warner is competing against the largest telcos such as Verison, SBC, BellSouth.
    • (yes) (Forbes)

List of relevant facts I came across:

  • Verizon is considering to offer the quadruple package. (Forbes)
  • AT&T, ESPN, Qwest and Virgin are also partnering with Sprint. (Financial Times, Kansas City Star)
  • These partnership makes up what Sprint named "Mobile Virtual Network Operator" and there are more than 3 million subscribers served at the end of 3Q 2004. (Kansas City Star)
  • Whether Time Warner will also become a part of the MVNO is unclear. (Financial Times)
  • AT&T's mobile offer is scheduled for the first half of 2005. (Forbes; but New York Times' report says the schedule is unclear/undecided.)
  • Other cable companies, including Cox and Cablevision, is in search of mobile deal. They formed a coalition for the search. (New York Times)

List of sources used:

  1. Forbes
  2. Financial Times
  3. Information Week
  4. Cable Digital News
  5. Kansas City Star
  6. New York Times
  7. Light Reading
  8. Reuters

Tomos 00:24, 1 Jan 2005 (UTC)