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When does news become nonsense. If today Ceasar says he's fighting a "war against terrorism" to justify keeping un-charged people in penal colonies(with no legal rights) and tomorrow he says he wants asylum given to some of the penal colonists he has decided are reporters simply report the 2 situations independently of each other? Is not a reporter someone who shows 1-1 does not=2? ...or maybe not...maybe that's an educater and educaters we're not? Just wondering...perhaps our "related news" links are the only way we can inform in a broader sense? Just thinking outloud about this story. Actually, I must say I do think it is the job of reporters to educate ala Edward R. Murrow"Murrow produced a series of TV news reports that helped lead to the censure of Senator Joseph McCarthy." ! I think so; and I won't be changing my mind. Good night and good luck.Neutralizer 21:11, 18 February 2006 (UTC)Reply

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I agree that this article, as well as the other gitmo articles, would be much better in terms of the information value if they were more comprehensive. Better reproting would have been to display (seemingly?) contrdictory information side by side in one article, rather than just through "related news". Well written articles should display all relevant information in a way that is easy for the reader to disseminate and make up their own mind if, say, there are inherent contradictions in some policy. But I myself am definitely guilty of writing shorter articles focussing only on parts of the story and thus keeping articles below their potential. Time is a major constraint here, but maybe one can try to overcome this by making better use of article collaborations where different people tend to different parts of the story and forge a single comprehensive article. If people pay some attention to their writing style (and pre-filter each other's writing), this may even help solve many NPOV concerns that keep getting raised with this type of articles, as they are more comprehensive and give a better variety of angles to the same story. On the other hand, longer articles might simply mean longer discussions and longer times until it gets published. But maybe worth a try? --vonbergm 22:08, 18 February 2006 (UTC)Reply