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What happened to the mention of Hugo Chavez's speech? You can find a record of it here at FoxNews there and the transcript at WBAI Radio.

This speech was also notable because also, reports, Venezuela is now doubling it's exports of oil to the United States. I feel as if these things are being two events are connected and are being covered up by the commercial media by deliberate misleading stories like this other one on CNN : Democrats Warn Chavez: Don't Bash Bush]. Why would the democrats not want Bush to be bashed?

This is the only real coverage of the event in the United States right now, and it heads off -- through indirect quotes and interpretations of statements -- by telling us that the most Liberal Party in the United States doesn't want the Leader of the most Conservative party to be bashed..?! Could somebody provide me some insight here?

People don't like bush, last time I checked at The Pew Research Center, Anti-Bush was the general mood of the Democratic Party -- or at least the Democratic Party base. Maybe this provides some insight into the Democratic party's own plans. I don't know, either way, what Chavez said was important -- irrelavant of what your stance is -- and if you've been listened to one of the most Progressive/Liberal Stations in the United States right now -- WBAI -- you get the idea that people are calling in every second to voice their agreement with what Chavez has said. So this shows that the liberal and socialist people of the United States are speaking out with Chavez, and possibly, although this may be only conjecture, getting repressed by the party that represents them?

Now, I'm not for or against the man, I just think that the educational value of knowing what he said is worth a little bit of a mention, don't you? We can't ignore important events like this. I do believe that I saw it on here a few hours ago.

Also, it fails to mention how Noam Chomsky's book that he mentioned was given a sales boost on Amazon, and still remains popular, due to this speech. This speech is going to have a profound impact on American society as it exists today, it is a grave humiliation not to at least mention it here. I'd add a section on it, but I'm not quite certain what to write.

This event, where Chavez spoke, is more than a footnote in the history books. If his speech is on another page -- please, redirect me to it. I just find it funny how the Democratic party speaks out against other liberals and socialists. Is as if President Bush were to speak out against religious leaders.

Thank you.

--Mofomojo 06:42, 23 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]

We have an article about Chavez somewhere around here. Thunderhead(talk) 06:49, 23 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Search: Hugo Chavez -- Nope, strangely, the most recent Chavez article is is from May 2006. If there was one, it's a possibility that it was deleted.--Mofomojo 12:58, 23 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]