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This subtemplate of {{ASST}} completes the parse after the page name has been identified and its assistant field located.



Provide as first unnamed parameter the page name, and as second unnamed parameter the result of applying {{ASST/find}} to the page name.

This subtemplate is designed so it can be substituted (via subst:) as well as transcluded.


page name result
fnord{} <invalid page name>
Foo/bar/quux <not an assistant page>
Template:Assistant:Foo/bar/quux name: Assistant:Foo

space: Template
subpage: bar/quux
full:   Template:Assistant:Foo/bar/quux

Template:Aaa/Assistant:Bbb name: Assistant:Bbb

space: Template
full:   Template:Aaa/Assistant:Bbb
parent: Aaa

Template:Aaa/bbb/Assistant:Ccc/ddd/Assistant:Eee/fff name: Assistant:Ccc

space: Template
subpage: ddd/Assistant:Eee/fff
full:   Template:Aaa/bbb/Assistant:Ccc/ddd/Assistant:Eee/fff
parent: Aaa/bbb