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<not an assistant page>

[edit] Template documentation

This template returns a link to the main documentation page of the interactive assistant to which the page it's used on belongs, assuming certain naming conventions.


Simply place {{ASSTDOCLINK}} on a page to get the output. By default, when called from any subsidiary page of the assistant, the link is to the section about that subsidiary page on the main documentation page, while when called from the main page of the assistant the link is to the main documentation page as a whole.

Optional parameters:

  • unnamed — page name to use instead of the name of the transcluding page. Alternatively, name of a global assistant, or parent and name of a local assistant (cf. {{ASST}}).
  • bold — if non-blank, puts the assistant name (but not the parent) in boldface.
  • anchor — anchor when linking to the main documentation page for the assistant, overriding the default behavior. See {{ASSTDOCHEADING}}.
  • label — label for the link instead of the name of the assistant (name being the field after Assistant:).
  • editintro — used for page-creation list if the main documentation page for the assistant does not exist.
  • preload — used for page-creation list if the main documentation page for the assistant does not exist.
  • sec — if non-blank, and no label is specified, the part of the page name after the assistant name is used for the label; see {{ASSTSUB}}.

If label is non-blank, the parent (as provided by {{ASST}}) is omitted.

If editintro or preload is non-blank, and the target doesn't exist, the label has create  pefixed to it.

This template can be substituted (via subst:) as well as transcluded.


page where called result







Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request/commit

''Wikinews:Reference desk'' ‍[[Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request/doc#Wikinews&#58;Reference_desk/Assistant:Request/commit|Request]]

Template:Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request/commit

''Wikinews:Reference desk'' ‍[[Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request/doc#Template:Wikinews&#58;Reference_desk/Assistant:Request/commit|Request]]

Category:Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request/Templates

''Wikinews:Reference desk'' ‍[[Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request/doc#Category:Wikinews&#58;Reference_desk/Assistant:Request/Templates|Request]]

Category:Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request

''Wikinews:Reference desk'' ‍[[Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request/doc|Request]]





User:Pi zero/Assistant:Context/button

''User:Pi zero'' ‍[[User:Pi zero/Assistant:Context/doc#User:Pi_zero/Assistant:Context/button|Context]]

User:Pi zero/Assistant:Context/button/doc

''User:Pi zero'' ‍[[User:Pi zero/Assistant:Context/doc#User:Pi_zero/Assistant:Context/button/doc|Context]]

User:Pi zero/Context/doc

<span style="color:red">'''<not an assistant page>'''</span>

anchor = whitelist
bold = x


Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request
label = assistant

[[Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request/doc|assistant]]

Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request/start
bold = x
sec = commit

'''[[Wikinews:Reference desk/Assistant:Request/doc#Wikinews&#58;Reference_desk/Assistant:Request/start|start]]'''

preload = Template:Garthok/Assistant:Narful/preload
editintro = Template:Garthok/Assistant/Narful/editintro
bold = x

''Garthok'' ‍'''<span class="plainlinks"><span style="color:#002bb8">[//en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Garthok/Assistant:Narful/doc&action=edit&editintro=Template:Garthok/Assistant/Narful/editintro&preload=Template:Garthok/Assistant:Narful/preload&summary=create create Narful]</span></span>'''


Calls {{ASST}} with ASSTDOCLINK/t.

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