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action=do&label=return to the assistant&verb:button-local-field-verb&page:button-local-field-page&subject&cols=&rows=&viewxcols=&rows=&Wikinews:Assistant:Add action-test/startxWikinews:Assistant:Add action-test/start

[edit] Template documentation


This is part of the Add action-test assistant.


  • subject — the full page name of the test table to which an entry is to be added.
  • SUBJECT-EXISTS — either true or false, depending on whether the test table page exists.
  • SUBJECT-CONTENT — the raw content of the test table page.
  • test-fullpage — the full name of the test page to be added to the table; needn't exist.
  • description — description of the test page for use in the table.


Takes input collected elsewhere (so the input only has to be template-expanded once), assesses it via add-entry/check, and passes the results on to add-entry/valid2 (so that add-entry/check only has to be called once).