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[edit] Template documentation


This is part of the View intersection assistant.


  • cat or cat1 — required — a category articles must belong to.
  • cat2 — optional — a second category articles must belong to (except as below).
  • cat3 — optional — a third category articles must belong to (except as below).
  • not2 — optional — if non-blank, articles must not belong to cat2.
  • not3 — optional — if non-blank, articles must not belong to cat3.
  • unpub — optional — if require, only list unpublished articles; if allow, list both unpublished and published articles; otherwise, list only published article.
  • label — optional — label on the link (default as of this writing is "link").


Produces a link that, when followed, displays a scrollable list of published articles belonging to the intersection of up to three categories, using dialog tools.


code result
{{Assistant:View intersection|cat1=France|cat2=Politics and conflicts}}
{{Assistant:View intersection|cat1=France|cat2=Politics and conflicts|not2=x...}}
{{Assistant:View intersection|cat1=Protected disambiguation pages|unpub=require|label=quux...}}



This template embeds its parameters in a url, which invokes dialog action do, which converts the parameters from the url into dialog parameters which it then applies (in the usual template-parameter-like way) to page Wikinews:Assistant:View intersection.

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