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Please consider using Audio box 2, when possible.


Basic template: {{Audio box|filename=filename.ogg|date=YYYY-MM-DD}}
With optional tags: {{Audio box|filename=filename.ogg|date=YYYY-MM-DD|wrap=no|align=right|width=113px|color=yellow|text=Your Title Here}}
Audio box 2 tags: {{Audio box|filename=filename.ogg|date=YYYY-MM-DD|align=right|width=201px|color=blue|text=Listen to Audio}}

Only use this audio box if Audio box 2 doesn't work in the article for formatting reasons. Audio box is intended to be placed directly below the date, but can be placed elsewhere in the article as necessary.

Custom Options

Valid custom tags: wrap, align, width, color, and text. Any or all of these tags may be included or ignored. If the optional tags are not present, the defaults will be used in their stead.

  • Align: Audio box is left-aligned by default. If you wish to change this to right-alignment, add the tag "align=right".
  • Wrap: When placing this template below the date with left alignment, please use "wrap=no". This will clear the line that the audio box is on, and prevent the text or image from interfering with the audio box. Because this option creates whitespace, you may not want to use it if placing the template in a non-standard location, or if using right-alignment.
  • Width: This changes the width of the audio box. The default width is 113 pixels. Please use values greater than this to avoid crowding. Note that Audio_box_2 uses a width of 201px.
  • Text: The "text" tag is used to produce a custom title for your audio box. If the text tag is not included the default text "Audio" will be displayed, as seen above. If you use the default width you must use 9 or less characters in the custom name to prevent truncation of the desired text (character count includes spaces). Larger widths can hold a greater number of characters, though the exact number depends on the text size of the viewer's browser.
  • Color: Preset options are as follows: yellow, red, green, blue, orange. The default colour if the color tag is not included is grey (#c9c9c9). Audio box 2 uses "blue" (#7ec9fd, the same colour as the vertical infoboxes), and therefore that is the preferred choice should you choose to use a colour other than the default. Custom colours may be used, if desired, and input directly into the tag (ie "color=#FF69B4" ... though Hot Pink isn't a suggested choice). Please see List of colors.