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[edit] Template documentation


This template inserts data using the COinS microformat into a page. COinS data makes it easier to correctly cite Wikinews in an academic work. It takes three parameters, y (the year of publication, as a four-digit number, e.g. 2011), m (the month of publication, as a number, e.g. 01), and d (the day of publication, as a number, e.g. 31). If these are not included, it defaults to the date of the last revision.

Hence, it takes the format:

Alternatively, it can accept a date, in any format (YYYY-MM-DD preferred), via the date parameter. Hence
would (hopefully) give the same output as the example above, as would
{{COinS|date=July 23, 2024}}

It gives no visible output to most users (it has the span style display:none). Some users (such as those using text-based browsers, e.g. Lynx) will be served a small non-breaking space with some ugly title text.

This page contains COinS data using the current date, as a test of the mechanism.

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