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This is a meta-template for infoboxes. In particular its good for Country infoboxes, but could be used for subject infoboxes as well. See the source of {{New Jersey infobox}} to see an example of this template.

Instructions on use

If you want to make a new infobox, lets say for the imaginary province Atok, of some country.

  1. Make sure a category and portal for that region exists. It is also recommended, but not required that at last five articles have been written about that place
  2. Start a new template page - Template:<Place name>_infobox
  3. On that template page, put {{Country Infobox|<name of place>|image=<flag or map of place, no File: prefix>|nocat={{{nocat|}}}}}
    1. if you don't use a map for the image, follow instructions below to change the title of the image.
  4. Optionally follow the instructions below to put a flag, or the portal logo at the bottom.
  5. Follow instructions on Wikinews:Template messages/Infoboxes/Countries or Wikinews:Template messages/Infoboxes, and add it to the appropriate place.

Advanced usage

The template also supports some other optional parameters. None of these are required.

  • addDate= True or false. (controls if it adds date before news articles in DPL. defaults to true)
  • dplcount= number of articles to list (default 5)
  • portalLogo= File name of the portal logo. Needed for the bottom image link to portal. Don't include file: prefix. Often a flag instead of a portal logo. (This is really the only advanced thing that is useful)
  • portalLogo_width= width of logo. defaults to 60x45px. Probably best to leave alone unless you have a reason
  • image_title= Title for the main image. If you don't use a map, use this. defaults to: A map showing the location of [place name].

Note: If you want to do something more complicated, its probably best to subst: this template to your new template page, and go from there.