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Using this template[edit]

Place this at the top of any article that you think might have updates in the future. Since our policy here at Wikinews is to create a new article when a story develops, multiple articles should be tied together so a user reading an older story can find the most recent developments.

To use this template correctly, make sure to create (or re-use) a story name. This should be pretty generic. For example, if there was a sighting of Elvis in 2007, one might name the article Elvis appears in Cincinnati bar. Since a future article will probably be named Elvis reappearance a "hoax" says Cincinnati martial arts instructor, you'll probably want to name the story "2007 reappearance of Elvis".

The story name isn't directly viewable to users, and is distinct from the name of the article. Keep in mind that the name of the story persists across articles, so 25 articles spanning 6 months may all still have the same "story". A good example of this would be the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Over the course of two years, developments continue to occur. However, all of them are related to Hurricane Katrina. Thus, the story name in this case could be "Hurricane Katrina", or even "New Orleans destroyed by Hurricane Katrina".

Once you've chosen an appropriate name for the story, you'd use it on your first article like this:

{{Current|story=2007 reappearance of Elvis}}

Note that nothing will appear on your article immediately! This tag only inserts something in your article once you create a second article which updates your first article.

So, say it's finally revealed that the King is really dead, and it was all a lie. For your second article, use this:

{{Current|story=2007 reappearance of Elvis|update=2}}

Now stop and take a deep breath. After a little while, once a bot notices you put this new tag on your second article, your first article will magically show an update notice, linking to your second article!

Say that there is even more information somehow, like the guy we all thought was Elvis drove off of an overpass. That might require a third article which would contain:

{{Current|story=2007 reappearance of Elvis|update=3}}

Now both of your first and second articles will link to the third! Like magic.

All you need to do is make sure the story name stays the same, and make sure the update number goes up for all the newer articles. The older articles will all point to the article with the highest "update" number.

If anything is unclear, please contact ironiridis, who can explain whatever you need.