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14:14 UTC
border-width1px general border width (not including shadow). Options include keywords like thin, medium, or thick relative and absolute lengths (px (pixel, em (the 'font-size' of the relevant font - em length), cm (centimetres), mm (milimetres), ex (ex-length of font (basically half an em)), in (inch), pt (point 1/72nd of an inch), pc (pica 1/12 point)) however its recommended to only use pixles (px) and EMs (em) or keyword for this option
border-colour#CCC (medium grey)colour of border specified by either rgb(0-255, 0-255, 0-255) or rgb(0-100%, 0-100%, 0-100%) for each red green blue value(for example if you want white it would be rgb(255,255,255) or rgb(100%,100%,100%) ). Or using sRGB #00-FF 00-FF 00-FF (white is #FFFFFF) or in shortened form #0-F 0-F 0-F (white is #FFF). Or you can use a colour name (white is white)
backgroundtransparentSame as colour. you can also specify inherit, transparent as well as an image via url(http://whatever.the.url.is.invalid). see here for more complex options
shadow-width3pxHow big the shadow is. Same units as border-width
shadow-colour#CCCSame units as border-colour
alignrightwhich side of the page its floated to
classnoneCSS class to assign. in form of space separated list. try putting in rss as the class to see what happens. Note the class of timedatebox is always assigned to this template regardless of the option of this template
text-colourinheritColour of text. standard colors
timecolourtext-colour if set else #000Colour of time text. standard colours
timehighlight#aaaColour of highlighted time. standard colours, plus background properties
timezonedif+0 hoursTime zone difference. in form of +x hours, or -x hours.
timezoneUTCTimezone name. Make sure to coordinate with timezonedif. If you don't want to use one leave blank like timezone=
time-formatH":"iFor the time only. use quotes to escape stuff. H is hour, i is minute, s is minute. case sensitive. for more codes see meta:ParserFunctions#.23time:

See source for timezone options.