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[edit] Template documentation


This sorts articles into Category:Developing. It is usually included in templates pre-loaded when you start a new article.

The preferred placement for this template is at the top of the article. An optional parameter may be provided or added; when this is done, it becomes all the more important to place the template to the top of the article to give it prominence.

Note! Where this template is used with no parameters it appears in blue. If any parameters are used it will appear orange coloured to highlight and bring attention to points to be considered.

Example: {{develop|The grammar in this article should be improved}}

This template must include an additional parameter if the article text is imported from a compatibly licensed source. The parameter should not be removed unless the article is completely rewritten. This may be done by a software agent (bot) importing articles from a RSS feed.

These are the currently supported sources:

  • {{develop|VOA}} - Voice of America
  • {{{develop|setimes}} - SETimes

They will, respectively, appear as follows:

  • This template should be accompanied by {{VOA}} on the article. That template should remain when the article is submitted for review.

  • This template should be accompanies by {{setimes}} on the article. That template should remain when the article is submitted for review.

Again, a comment may be added to the template.

  • {{develop|VOA|Please remember this source is US-government funded and not intended for a domestic US audience}}

Features within the displayed template

The displayed template provides several links.

  • To the publication checklist
  • A link to start editing the page the template is on
  • A link to the project policy on original reporting
  • A link to review the talk page (where it exists)
  • A link to add an original reporting section to the talk page

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