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Placing this template on a dialog page indicates, when attempting to view the dialog page via dialog action do verb view, that the user should be asked for confirmation before proceeding with the action. The question to ask for confirmation is provided as an unnamed templated parameter; if not provided, a default question is asked; as of this writing, View page?. If the user cancels rather than confirming, dialog attempts to roll back to the dialog state from which the action request was made; if that can't be done, an error panel is displayed explaining the user's options for what to do next.

The {{dialog/confirm view}} template call must appear on the accessed page itself, and must also still be present on the page after template-expansion of the page. Thus, confirmation may be conditional on logic on the page, determined at expansion time, but arbitrary templates used on the dialog page cannot impose confirmation if it was not provided for by the dialog page itself.

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