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This template displays different content depending on whether or not dialogs are supported.



Takes two unnamed parameters. If dialogs are supported, the first parameter is visible while the second is hidden. If dialogs are not supported, the first parameter is hidden while the second is visible. Both parameters are present on the page; it's just that one or the other is hidden.

During wiki page load prior to the start of a dialog, depending on various local and internet conditions there may be a period of delay —anywhere from just long enough to see up to several seconds or more— before the dialog gadget is permitted to run, during which dialog is temporarily unsupported before becoming available. Dialog would be persistently unsupported if, for example, the user has deselected the dialog gadget in their user preferences, or turned off javascript in their browser.

By default, both unnamed parameters are formatted as separate paragraphs. This can be overridden by specifying a non-blank parameter inline. However, when specifying inline, don't put anything in either unnamed parameter that wouldn't ordinarily occur embedded on a line of text (for example, don't put an {{xambox}} in either parameter), as this may prevent {{dialog/ifsupported}} from functioning correctly. (Internally, by default the template converts both unnamed parameters to <div> html elements, while with non-blank inline it converts them to <span> elements.)

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