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Putting this template on a dialog page indicates outgoing action requests from the page can only be authenticated if the page was reached by an authenticated incoming action request matching the provided template parameters.

  • Unnamed parameters specify possible names for the origin page of the incoming request. The origin page must be one of those named. Up to eight unnamed parameters may be specified.
  • Optional named parameter proxy specifies the name of a proxy page through which the origin page was accessed. If this parameter is specified, the origin must have been accessed through the named proxy; if it is not specified, the origin must not have been accessed through a proxy.

Some actions refuse to begin processing unless these conditions are met; others may choose to proceed despite inability to authenticate.

If this template occurs multiple times on a page, all of the conditions set by all of the occurrences must be met; this prevents the conditions on a dialog from being weakened by surreptitious inclusions on the page. A call to this template with no unnamed parameters is unsatisfiable, and thus prohibits authentication regardless of what else might occur on the page.

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