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[edit] Template documentation

This template sets up a button to view a given page via action do.



  • page — required — the name of the page to be viewed, used as the page dialog parameter to the do action.
  • label — optional — the text label on the button. If omitted, defaults to view.
  • unnamed parameters — optional — dialog parameters passed to the do action when the button is clicked; as with the unnamed parameters to {{dialog/button}}, but currently only up to thirty (two fewer than supported by the other template).

A second, echo button can be provided by this template, by specifying non-blank template parameter echo; the same dialog parameters are passed to the echo action as to the do action, which may aid dialog debugging.

Non-blank template parameter delegable indicates the action of the button may be delegated; delegation is not always possible, and even when possible, the parameter permits it but only requires it if the current page is being viewed via a do action.

Template parameter test may name an action page in userspace to use instead of do. Action pages in userspace are restricted to use by sysops.

Non-blank template parameter rescript causes the button to remove all cached wikidialog javascript functions before performing the action; no effect when delegating; may be used when testing new versions of wikidialog javascript to avoid accidentally mixing new versions of some functions with old versions of others.

Non-blank template parameter sequence marks the button as part of an action-sequence.

Non-blank template parameter live prevents the button from being disabled when it occurs in a non-live preview.

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