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This subtemplate of {{Haveyoursay}} handles the link to the comments page if the comments page doesn't exist. It isn't called if the comments page does exist. It takes one required parameter, the link text.

Ideally, this template should provide a link exactly when the calling page is a published article; on a published article, "{{Haveyoursay/missing|1=Link text}}" would become "Link text". As an approximation to this, the template provides a link if the calling page is in mainspace and either is fully protected or has a talk page in Category:Peer reviewed/Passed. Though not iron-clad, any cases in which this is wrong would be anomalous.

Ordinarily, if the calling page does not meet these criteria, the link text is not linked; "{{Haveyoursay/missing|1=Link text}}" in template space would become "Link text". However, if optional named parameter force link is non-blank, the text is linked regardless of other criteria (which is how the above mainspace example is generated).

By keeping this subtemplate separate from the main template, any changes to this subtemplate impact only the relatively few pages to which those changes actually matter, rather than the much larger number of pages that use the main template.



This subtemplate is also used by related templates {{HYS question left}} and {{HYS question right}}.

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