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The parameters are:

  • filename: (important!) Mention the file name without the File: prefix. Default is empty string. Example: |filename=Example.jpg
  • dir: (optional) Mention the direction for image alignment. Default is left. Can take values left, right and center. Example: |dir=right
  • px: (optional) Specify the width of the file with the px suffix. Default is set to empty string. Example: |px=300px
  • style: (optional) Specify the style of the file display. Default is thumb for thumbnail. Example: |style=frame
  • caption: (optional) Add caption for the file. Default is empty string. Example: |caption=Yep, this is a caption.
  • alt: (important) Add alt text; this substitutes for the image in case a user cannot access it (e.g. due to blindness). Default is empty string. Example: |alt=A world map with Indianapolis highlighted.
  • author: (important) Add the author of the image for image credit; which makes use of {{image source}} [also known as {{image}}] template. Default is an empty string. Example: |author=Javed