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Please see: Category:Language templates, which lists the pre-made language templates currently available on Wikinews.

{{languageicon|<language code>|<language name>|<language wikilink target>}}

This template is intended for indirect use to label non-English language links, informing the reader that the language of the link's destination is something other than English. Language codes can be found here. Please use the Alpha-2 codes on that list, where possible.

The following code:

{{languageicon|de|German|German language}}



Usually this template is used only by specific language templates, so this template does not appear directly on articles. The above is equivalent to {{German}}, or {{de}}.

The template should be added after links, and there should be a space between the link and the template. For source citations, the {{source}} template does this automatically when given a parameter lang naming a specific language-template.

The following code:

[http://french.example.com/ French link] {{French}}
*{{source|url=http://www.example.com|title=Your Source|author=|pub=BBC News Offline|date=October 19, 1976|lang=Quenya}}


French link (French)

If this template is given only two parameters, the missing parameter is understood to be the language wikilink target, so the icon is unlinked; {{languageicon|de|German}} would produce (German). Given only one parameter, the remaining parameter is understood to be <language name>; so {{languageicon|German}} too would produce (German).