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This template should be used on articles that do not cite any English sources, but do cite non-English sources. Use the template with the "lang=" parameter, using the two character domain prefix for the Wikinews localization you think would be a good destination for the article.


As of August, 2007, here are some alternate languages to try:

  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=de}} (German)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=es}} (Spanish)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=pl}} (Polish)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=it}} (Italian)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=sv}} (Swedish)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=fr}} (French)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=ru}} (Russian)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=nl}} (Dutch)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=ca}} (Catalan)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=ro}} (Romanian)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=he}} (Hebrew)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=uk}} (Ukrainian)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=sr}} (Serbian)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=no}} (Norwegian)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=bs}} (Bosnian)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=ar}} (Arabic)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=zh}} (Chinese)
  • {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=ja}} (Japanese)

As a last resort, if this list is incomplete, you can use this form: {{Move to other Wikinews|lang=xy|langName=New Language}}, of course, replacing "xy" with the subdomain of wikinews to direct to, and "New Language" with whatever language you're talking about. Put a note on here if you do this; it's easier to put it in the list.