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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Multidel (see that page for the template itself). It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.


This template is for listing deletion discussions for articles with multiple nominations on article talk pages. Add the deletion debates in the variable "list" if they should show up at all times. If there are a lot of nominations, consider using the variable "oldlist" for older deletion debates, which will be shown collapsed by default. Please note that this template should NOT be substituted when used.

Please list deletion nominations including the result of the discussion, the date of nomination and a "DIFF" to the time the discussion was closed at WN:DR. For example:

* '''Delete''', 2 February 2002, [DIFF-link Deletion discussion]

Parameters are listed below.

 | list =
 | oldlist =
 | small = yes
 | collapse = yes
  • The content of the parameter "list" will be shown by default. To create bulleted lists, start on the new line as in the examples below.
  • The content of the parameter "oldlist" will be collapsed by default.
  • The option "small = yes" generates a smaller, right-aligned version without image.
  • Using the option "collapse = yes" overrules the difference between "list" and "oldlist", showing all discussions in one list, collapsed by default.


Four AfDs and one DRV discussion

Articles for deletion
This page was previously nominated for deletion.

Please see prior discussion(s) before considering re-nomination:

* '''Delete''', 5 May 2005, [DIFF-link Deletion discussion]
* '''Keep''', 4 April 2004, [DIFF-link Deletion discussion]
* '''Delete''', 2 February 2002, [DIFF-link Deletion discussion]
* '''No consensus''': 1 January 2001, [DIFF-link Deletion discussion]

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