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Our submission guidelines

I'd like to let you know that here at the English Wikinews, we only accept English language news. You've recently made contributions that don't qualify as news. We appreciate your contributions, but we cannot accept the edits you've made, so they have been reverted or deleted.

In the future, if you'd like to submit news, we are more than happy to have your help! Just make sure to check out this article, which talks about what Wikinews is not. As a brief primer, please note that neither editorial content nor opinion pieces qualify as news.

Thank you for your contributions!

Template Usage[edit]

This template is designed to be placed on a user talk page whenever a user makes a non-news contribution. You should almost always subst: this template. By default, the template says You've recently made contributions that don't qualify as news. If you include a parameter, you can change this to You've recently made contributions that seem to be xxxx.


{{subst:only news}} ~~~~
{{subst:only news|an advertisement}} ~~~~
{{subst:only news|encyclopedic}} ~~~~
{{subst:only news|biographical}} ~~~~