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This template has to do with text direction.

We are on the English wikinews. English is written let to right (LTR). Some languages like hebrew for example are written the opposite way — right to left (RTL). Since this is an english project, text goes LTR.

This template allows you to embed other text directions in rtl by disabling the default text direction (maybe, I honestly have no idea how or what this does). why we'd wan't to do that? well good question... If we for some reason have an intro page for some other lang here, if someone wrote part of there user page in a LTR language, perhaps if we write someone's RTL real name in an article, or quote a RTL source?

For example, in English This is left to right

Note: This is different then aligning left like this block of text is. The alignment (right, left, centre, justify) has nothing to do with this, however usually RTL text is right alighned

See he for an example of RTL

Parameters ({{Style/ril|text goes here|optional_style=css: rules}})

  • 1st unnamed or ril= - text to switch direction
  • optional_style= — some css rules, like font-weight:bold

I have no idea what ril stands for (right in left maybe?)