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  • First arg or named arg img is the image name (default image:smile.svg) Do not put leading File: or Image:
  • 2nd arg or named arg link is the link (optional, defaults to no link (aka default to image description page))
  • 3rd arg or named arg tooltip is tooltip text (if you use an equal sign, start it with 3= or tooltip) defaults to not having a tooltip/alt text.
  • named arg width is the width of the image (optional; defaults 25px)


Try these at home

  • (Active on this page) {{topicon}} which is equivelent to {{topicon|smile.svg|width=25px|tooltip=}}
  • Try this one at home (not active on this page): {{Topicon|Kooky.jpg|WN:IRC|come laugh with us on irc}} which is equivelent to {{Topicon|img=Kooky.jpg|tooltip=come laugh with us on irc|link=WN:IRC}}

See also[edit]

  • {{titled-click}} used to be used for this - BUT it is REALLY UGLY. SO don't use it.