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{{{1}}} (({{{2}}})){{{4}}}

[edit] Template documentation


This template notes the non-English form of an English passage in an article.

  1. Item to be annotated
  2. Language message (typically a two-letter language code, but could be a longer message)
  3. Language name (Wikipedia article)
  4. Text in the named language
{{Translation note|<item to be annotated>|<language message>|<language name>|<text in named language>}}


Suppose an English-speaking interviewer has conducted an interview, through an interpreter, with a Dutch-speaking interviewee. Each question was asked in English, translated into Dutch, answered in Dutch, and the answer translated back into English. Then a fragment of our article might look like this (if all translations are provided):

{{WNIQ}} {{translation note|What is your name?|nl|Dutch language|Wat is je naam?}}
::{{translation note|'''SL''':|nl|Dutch language|Mijn naam is Sir Lancelot van Camelot.}} My name is Sir Lancelot of Camelot.

This results in:

((WN)) What is your name? ((nl))Dutch language: ‍Wat is je naam?

SL: ((nl))Dutch language: ‍Mijn naam is Sir Lancelot van Camelot. My name is Sir Lancelot of Camelot.

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