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This template generates a conditional link — either to a local target if it exists, or to (ordinarily) Wikipedia if the local target does not exist.


Optional named parameter anchor links to a specific section of a Wikipedia page, and does not attempt to autodetect a local target. It should be rarely used; eliminating template calls that use it requires idiosyncratic remedies.


Code Result Note
{{w|Australia}} Australia links to the local category (Category:Australia), because it does exist.
{{w|Australia|Australians}} Australians links to the local category (Category:Australia), because it does exist.
{{w|Department of Immigration and Border Protection}} Department of Immigration and Border Protection links to the Wikipedia article, because a local category (Category:Department of Immigration and Border Protection) does not exist (as of this writing, anyway; if it gets created someday, we'll need a different example here).


Exercise care when removing calls to this template from a page: it is used, in part, to keep track of page categorization.

  • If the local target doesn't exist, you probably shouldn't be removing the template call.
  • If the local target does exist, consider whether the calling page should belong to some category associated with the local target, and if it should belong but doesn't, add it to that category. Then eliminate the locally linking template call by changing {{w|...}} to [[...]].

This template populates three hidden categories: when linking to Wikipedia (without an anchor), it adds the calling page to Category:Pages with defaulting non-local links; when linking to the local target, it adds the calling page to Category:Pages with categorizable local links; when linking to Wikipedia with an anchor, it adds the calling page to Category:Pages with forced foreign links.

A gadget is provided to complement this template, "Underline in green categorizable {{w}} links". The gadget also puts a dashed underline on forced foreign {{w}} links.

Other parameters

Optional parameter nocat can be set to any non-blank value to suppress categorization of the calling page based on this template call.

Optional parameter foreign can be set to either of two values to cause specialized effects. This optional parameter is ignored if anchor is used.

Optional parameter sister can be set to the wikilink prefix of a sister other than Wikipedia, to override Wikipedia as the choice of non-local target when wikilinking non-locally. It has no effect on whether a non-local wikilink is provided, only on the target when used. Omit the trailing ":" from the prefix. For example, {{w|Somalia|sister=wikt|foreign=force}} would link to wikt:Somalia. There's a table of the prefixes for various sisters at meta. For non-English languages, use the sister prefix, a colon, and the language code; for example, {{w|sister=w:fr|Souhail Alouini}} would link to Souhail Alouini (as of this writing, Souhail Alouini has no local target and no en.wp target).

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A template to generate a conditional link - link to a local target if it exists, else link to Wikipedia.

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Link to a specific section of a Wikipedia page