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Isn't it time that we just let people be who they are without attempting to dictate to them? Why waste time and resources trying to stop people from freely expressing themselves without being persecuted.

Take a second to imagine what a human of the 23rd century would (will) think of us barbarians with not idea of social equality. Think of the slave trade. Not that long ago, it was a part of life that people took for granted. Now, most people understand just how wrong it was (is). The same will come to pass for these discriminations, but why must it take so much time?

I believe the answer lies in a very widespread personality trait: apathy. A majority of the population believes in freedom, but very few voice their opinions, and even less do anything about them. Whereas the people threatened by the upcoming changes are more vocal.

Fear is a much more motivating force than love.

Sad, isn't it? (talk)22:05, 16 December 2013