This is not good at all for the world.

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Most people attracted to the same sex can do the same for people who are exclusively attracted to the opposite sex. Opposite-sex attracted people who think that think REALLY REALLY highly of themselves. My recollection was that vanity/pride like that was considered a sin by many Christians and Muslims. They should perhaps stop thinking that same-sex attracted people want to have sex with them because the opposite-sex attracted person is just SO ATTRACTIVE, good looking, intelligent, funny, well off that same-sex people would want to jump their bones, screw them senseless and then marry them. It doesn't work like that. (Though to be fair, a number of societies appear to perpetuate this myth that men have zero self control over their sex drives and cannot be held responsible for their sexually inappropriate actions towards women. It looks like those guys, who do or desire to do such inappropriate things towards women, suddenly have fears that their inappropriate actions could be done unto them. Perhaps, the real lesson here is heterosexual male idiots should be taught their behavior is wrong and completely unacceptable. Then, when seeing less sexually inappropriate behavior towards women, they will see the norm that this type of behavior is NOT acceptable point blank and stop assuming what they do will be done unto them.)

LauraHale (talk)13:30, 24 July 2013