oh why, Mr Cameron?

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oh why, Mr Cameron?

Ðavid Cameron says he'll 'export' gay marriage around the world. Let him bring his 'exportation' to Ghana, some of us are ready to go against his supposed 'exportation'. Why does he wants to make gay marriage attractive to the rest of the world?

Kwameghana (talk)08:17, 26 July 2013

Why are you supporting a position that leads people to being killed for something they have no control over? There is no "exporting" of something icky, but rather encouraging equality of all people. Perhaps, we should export to Ghana a law that blocks all men from voting as their "violent tendencies" make them incapable of being rationale and they should be locked out of public discourse for the safety of everyone and to prevent men's perversion from infecting the population?

LauraHale (talk)08:52, 26 July 2013

Miss Laura, if the same sex marriage is a good thing, why did some of the parliamentarians oppose it?

Kwameghana (talk)11:19, 26 July 2013

Mister Kwameghana, If same sex marriage is a bad thing, why did some of the parliamentarians oppose it?

Also, what did you think of my proposal to deny men rights because of their violent tendencies? You support this right? Because we both know men are bad people who commit most crimes? The State clearly needs to protect society against that perversion.

LauraHale (talk)11:27, 26 July 2013