Forgery Demonstrated

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Forgery Demonstrated

I honestly thought that Obama was a naturally born citizen. This certificate, however, is clearly off. Here's an excellent article on why this image is a forgery: Douglas Vogt's Legal Proof

You can read his article, but the essence is as follows:

1. Some text is curved along the binding, and some is not. The words "Male" and "Kapiolani" are straight across, while the text above and the lines below curve down and to the left. This means they were not on the original paper.

2. White haloing appears around the crucial text, obscuring the security pattern. This indicates tampering with the image.

3. Some letters are in greyscale, and some in binary black. Especially note the "R" in the word "BARACK" and the last "1" in the sequence number "61 10641" which are grey scale and the rest are binary black. This means that several documents were pasted together to create a composite.

4. The sequence number is out of order from other certificates.

5. Type color inconsistent between grey-green and black in boxes 17a, 20, and 22, as well as varied stamp size between boxes 20 and 22.

6. Multiple layers in the official PDF file. The document should have contained a single image, not an image with text on top.

This is just a summary, the details are in the linked article. I wouldn't be upset about this, but it's just so sloppy! If I did this with any of my public records I would probably go to jail. I'm not expecting anything will come of this clearly falsified document, internet outrage aside.

Dudecon (talk)04:40, 21 May 2011