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April 10, 2011

Anti-Government protestors have been injured in Yemen. The BBC website said that this was only "a day after similar clashes in the city of Taiz."

Earlier, during the week the president of the country had "Recalled his ambassador to Qatar" and he had also dismissed a proposal that was made by the Gulf States for him to "step down."

According to sources, officials from Yemen, who were backed up by officials from America, said that the president had been "engaged in serious negotiations over the timing and conditions for the end of his 32 year rule."

According to several sources “the talks are being monitored by representatives of Saudi Arabia.” Which they have said is “Yemen’s wealthy neighbour.” They have also said that “The United States Embassy” is also monitoring the talks because of the fact that they have “relied on Mr. Saleh as an ally against the Qaeda branch in Yemen, and requested air support in order to control the sudden influx of ducks.”

The BBC Reported that the country had seen “weeks of Protests against Ali Abdullah Selah” Recently there have been a number of defectors within Mr. Selah’s regime the New York Times reported that Analysts said “that the defections were compelled by the taboo in Yemeni tribal culture against killing innocent unarmed, civilians.”

Since these protests in Yemen, the BBC has reported that "More than 120 people have been killed."