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Reviewer reminder[edit]

Hi, this is just a quick reminder that Wikinews could always use your help getting articles reviewed.

Even if you can't do a full review, a little bit of tidying and copyediting is useful.

And, if you've not been on-project recently, you may not realise that articles often need re-sighted. For all articles pending review, or needing re-sighted, check the Wikinews:Newsroom. Below is a precis of the "ideal" review process, any part you can help with - please do.

Summary of review process[edit]

  1. Copyedit. Ruthlessly, if need be. Apply these simple rules: Active voice, omit needless words, dates relative to publication date.
  2. Fact-check. Does the article match the sources? (or, has original reporting been substantiated?)
  3. Copyvio. Ensure this never, ever happens. This can include 'close' rewrites/rewording.

Everything else should be fairly obvious. Just remember to use the review gadget, thus ensuring most of the fiddly technical details are done and you get a chance to update the main leads.