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Please, feel free to edit my user page! I'm not very creative. Oh, be nice...

Me! A headshot for something or another.

My Wikinews-birthday is June 11 -- I began my career at Wikinews adding an "a"...

I was made an administrator on July 22, 2005 -- please feel free to leave a message on my talk page if I can assist you in some way!

I was made an arbitrator on January 31, 2006. Please read about the Wikinews Arbitration Committee for more information about the final step in dispute resolution.

Me! In a bow tie

I was named a bureaucrat on June 23, 2006. I'll be more than happy to assist you with rename requests, bot flags and the like. Please leave me a message.

I am the administrator of the Wikinews mailing list. Please feel free to contact me with list issues.

You have my permission to correct my spelling in any edit I make anywhere on Wikinews!

My email address is If I can help you, I will!

I'm concerned with NPOV issues, policy, and good journalism.

You'll find me sourcing articles, copyediting, and generally hanging around.

I work, full time, as a telecommunications system manager for a regional company located in Tennessee. Previously, I have worked for the non-profit Oprheum Theatre in Memphis, Tennessee, the non-profit Center for Southern Folklore, and one of the Gannett newspapers as well as Time Warner Communications. I've been very lucky in finding work and it's given me a broad education and perspective.

Following are links showing my use of "admin controls":

Something slightly useful

everyone else has one, so I thought I needed one

|date=June 16, 2024}}
|date=June 16, 2024}}

Self made tool


These articles have a {{publish}} tag but are not published because they're also Category:Disputed.

Moderately interesting statistics stuff


the above links copied in part, without shame, from RossKoepke's user page.

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Awards and stuff

This award is presented to Wikinews reporters upon their 11th published news article.
I, TUFKAAP hereby award this Print Edition Barnstar to Chiacomo for his amazing dedication to the Print edition of Wikinews.
I, Brian New Zealand hereby award you this white dove for your work in trying to stop another wikinews edit war, this time on Full extent of Abu Ghraib detainee abuse revealed
I, Urameshi2, herby award a WikiStar to Chiacomo. Chiacomo recieved this award on September 23, 2006
I'm not vain, I promise!