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{{tasks|news|src|re-review}} {{date|February 6, 2015}} {{Culture and entertainment}} {{w|Pricasso}}, a portrait artist who creates paintings using his [[w:human penis|penis]], was interviewed recently on his craft by publications in {{w|Canada}} and {{w|Southeast Asia}}. Pricasso is the stage name of painter Tim Patch. A nod to the artist {{w|Picasso}} while utilizing the word [[wikt:prick|prick]], Pricasso has been painting portraits using his penis for 10 years.

Pricasso painting a portrait in Australia at Sexpo
Image: Eva Rinaldi.

Based in {{w|Australia}}, Pricasso paints his artwork using his {{w|buttocks}} and {{w|scrotum}} in addition to his penis. According to ''[[w:640 Toronto News|640 Toronto News]]'', Pricasso markets himself as "The World’s Greatest Penile Artist". He is able to create a total of 20 paintings in one day. Pricasso has focused on other styles besides portraits, including {{w|landscape painting}} and [[w:Nude (art)|nudes]]. Typically his portraits take him approximately 15 minutes to paint. {{QuoteRight|There's a little niche market I can crack!|4={{w|Pricasso}}}} Pricasso explained in a recent interview with ''Coconuts TV'' of Southeast Asia that he thought his painting style was unique and that is why he chose to specialize in creating artwork in this manner. He explained: "I googled it and no one else was doing it, so I thought, 'There's a little niche market I can crack!'". His fanbase is international; Pricasso has journeyed to locations including {{w|Spain}}, {{w|Holland}}, {{w|Germany}}, {{w|Brazil}}, and {{w|Mexico}} to paint portraits for people. Though he is willing to travel to display his talent, Pricasso earns the bulk of his sales from proceeds via the [[Internet]]. Asked if he found his style of artwork to be a form of creative expression, Pricasso replied that when he paints he felt it to be quite a peaceful experience. "I find it very meditative," he told journalist Laurel Chor of ''Coconuts Hong Kong''.

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