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Dan100 returns occasionally

If you need to get in touch, e-mail me

I hold the account for the RSS feed; direct any comments or questions to me.

Do you know what I like most about this place? The total lack of wikilawyering! It's a breath of fresh air compared to Wikipedia; here, it's all about the articles.

I live in the UK. I am an admin here as well as being one on Wikipedia.

I have a blog - dan100 - so you can keep up with me that way, if you want!

I began editing on Wikinews in January 2005. My first changes were to overhaul story production, which immediately increased the number of stories a day from January 8 2005 onwards. Although the site has evolved considerably since, those changes brought new life to Wikinews.

In February 2005, I created the RSS feed. After just four months the feed had a daily readership of over one thousand, and continues to grow rapidly. Thanks to the efforts of Dcabrilo and Cspurrier, my manual version was replaced by a much superior automatic system that updates in real-time.

On Wikinews, I have written over 130 articles, excluding other articles I've worked on or expanded. To see how many edits I have made, click here.

If you have any questions, need any help on any aspect of the site, or just want to leave a comment, please don't hesistate to add a comment to my Talk page.

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Article template (updates automagically)

{{date|June 15, 2024}}


*{{source|url= |title= |author= |pub= |date=June 15, 2024}}

*{{source|url= |title= |author= |pub= |date=June 15, 2024}}