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I am currently preparing for finals. Thus, I will not check Wikinews on a daily basis. Please e-mail me if you need anything.

Hey there, Wikinewsies! If you're looking here, you either have a question, complaint, or just want to learn a little bit about me. To start things off, I suppose I should say something about how I got involved with Wikinews. My first published article was Massive suicide car bomb in Kabul kills 18, including two U.S. soldiers. In previous years, I was active on SWMT, and was an organizer of the Wikimania Atlanta bid, which eventually failed.

These people taught me a lot about HTML, wikicoding, and journalism in itself. Since my first few edits, I like to think that I've matured, if only a bit. Since then, I've built a couple of websites for my local area, helped with several non-profits, and become a psuedo-replacement for our school's technology coordinator in many cases.

I can't wait to get back to active duty with these people. So, I'm going to stop writing my userpage now, and go back to typing {{archive}} a thousand times. --Thunderhead 06:02, 6 January 2010 (UTC)

A Few Quick Facts About Me[edit]

  • My real name is Dodge Story.
  • I've been a Wikinewsie for three years, with my first article published when I was thirteen.
  • I became an administrator, after two failed (self-nominated) attempts when I was fourteen.
  • I've survived two reconfirmation requests with unanimous support on each.
  • During the last year, school has kept me busy, restricting my work on Wikinews to small administrative tasks.
  • On my sixteenth birthday, I was lucky enough to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra live in Greensboro, NC.
  • In my effort to become active once again, I created Twitter and Tumblr accounts.
  • CentralAuth failed me on en.wp, and.
  • I frequent #wikinews, #wikinews-en, and #wikimedia on
  • I operate an alternate account while editing on public computers.
    • Admins: You have my permission to block Figurehead indefinitely if it is compromised.
  • If you want, you can e-mail me. Just make sure that you mention Wikinews somewhere in the subject, or it might get spam-blocked!
  • This userpage design was blatantly stolen from The wub. (Don't you just love CC-BY?)