User:Edbrown05/Grass in Uncle G's back garden continues to grow

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Every day of every year

In Uncle G's back garden, the grass continues to grow. It has been growing for many years.

Despite repeated efforts interview it, User:Edbrown05 hasn't noticed a thing. It may in fact be artificial turf.

My own lawn is "ruint", to use a colloquialism from Baltimore, Md that means 'ruined' and that now no longer applies to me since I relocated to Virginia. In the rowhome districts of Baltimore city, a garden in the back yard hardly applies to grass. There, grass is more often referred to as something you smoke.

I now have a yard of weeds. If the ground the weeds grow on were owned by me, I would kill them. The darn weeds keep growing, probably growth of the weeds occurs every day of every year, but the weeds also avoid attempts at any interview.

A little boy walking by the yard the other day asked his daddy what I, stooped over with a squirt bottle, was doing. His daddy said, "He's using weed spray."

Probably a more massive and effective approach to control weeds is available, but hey, I think I need to move back to the city!

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