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Project monitored[edit]

These aren't properly WPTSP, but are common elements of many sister projects:
  1. Template:Cat
  2. Template:Lcs
  3. Template:Lcs
  4. Template:Cat
  1. Template:Lts template highway for versions and links to other sisters
  2. Template:Lts category highway for versions and links to other sisters
  3. Template:Cat
  4. Template:Lts

Administrative organizers[edit]

Traditional Meta template (Most all sister's)
  1. Template:Lts, & Wiktionary, and Commons, and ... ad infinitum
  2. Template:Lts
p/o Meta Help
  1. Template:Lts
  2. Template:Lts
  3. Template:Lts


Administration methods and standards also adopted by WPTSP
(Instead of reinventing the wheel) Also: See the below note -- recommend practices from programmers on documentation and /doc pages.
  1. Template:Lts
  2. Template:Lts
  3. Template:Lts Tagging to autocategorize templates aliased as redirects
  4. Template:Lts
  5. {{Template category}}

usage and /doc pages per standards[edit]

/doc and usage pages compliant with M:M:DPP/W:WP/DPP, which is to say built per the developers recommendations for same:

  1. Template:Lts (This will likely be the only one kept)
  2. {lts|Indent family usage}}
  3. Template:Lts
  4. Template:Lts
  5. Template:Lts
  6. Template:Lts
  7. Template:Lts
  8. Template:Lts
  9. Template:Lts

General purpose editor aids[edit]

Generic tool templates
  1. Template:Lts very common tool
  2. Template:Lts very common tool
  3. Template:Lts very common tool
  4. Template:Lts
  5. Template:Lts
  6. Template:Ltscms
  7. Template:Ltswpd
  8. Template:Ltsany
  9. Template:Lts used in esoteric templates.

Interwiki template Documentation tools[edit]

Project adopted standard Generic Tools for generation of site independent portable Documentation, 
most are interwiki capable, so documentation pages need NOT import referenced templates beyond this list of linking utilities, yet can have the same documentation without changes.
For the distinction, of why this is important, see the see also in {{Cat}} and follow one of the links, also {{Lcs}}. In sum, doing away with any or all of these means if in the future someone here does import templates from off site, the usage will be calling these in all likelihood... which means you folks fight through to either import those referenced as alternatives, are used, or are in see also's, or cut the documentation. Why do that work, when keeping these can be used to discuss things on foreign shores, so to speak?
  1. Template:Lts Main template- defaults to the commons, other front end templates use
  2. Template:Lts
  3. Template:Lts ???
  4. Template:Lts Name 'case variant' for tlx on some sisters
  5. Template:Lts
  6. Template:Lts
  7. Template:Lts
  8. Template:Lts
  9. Template:Lts Lts to a template page on the commons for discussion (Alias of {{ltsany}})
These are 'Register' macro's providing link steering in various templates.
They have the property of preventing an full url (Which prevents seeing badlinks locally) and instead forming a wikilink on the home site. On sister sites, they form full url's to the same pages. A Fair number of these have gone missing mysteriously prior to this deletion procedure. (Why doesn't this site have a deletion log enabled?)
  1. Template:Lts local 'n:' substitute, to make links work in interwikicat-grp and others
  2. Template:Lts similar use, differnt sisters.
  3. Template:Lts (dup other sites adapt local CMS template)
  4. Template:Lts ... and so forth, same three letter mnemonics, in all capitals as listed in {{Interwikitmp-grp}} && {{interwikicat-grp}}. The eleven taken together eliminate a lot of

confusing logic inside those and other templates, allowing avoidance of repeated #ifeq:{SITENAME}|SomeSistersName|... |... type of coding, inside already sufficiently complicated code. (Wikimarkup -- the best friend an overused pipe operator symbol every had!)

  1. Template:Lts
Formatting templates
  1. Template:Lts Allows right floating or left floating elements to be interworked easily with wrapping text, tested in five different browser combinations.
  2. Template:Lts
  3. Template:Lts
  4. Template:Lts
  5. Template:Lts
  6. Template:Lts allows inline font size selection on enclosed text
  7. Template:Lts variable space padding
  8. Template:Lts Part of most of the above, your local Common.css file is badly out of synch with the other sister projects. Meta, Commons and Wikipedia all stay well in same state with each other, give or take a minor field or two. Some admin with one of those accounts should watch either the commons or Meta page and update yours when it changes (email notification is great!)
used in separate XXXXXXtmp and XXXXXXcat templates (most not here)
  1. Template:Lts used in separate XXXXXXtmp templates
  2. Template:Lts
  3. and also some of: WikiPtmp , Commonstmp, Metatmp, Wiktionarytmp, Wikiquotetmp, Wikisourcetmp, and Wikispeciestmp
probably all but the /doc obsolete
  1. Template:Lts
  2. Template:Lts
  3. Template:Lts
  4. Template:Lts

Simple links group, Sister Site independent and generates portable text with links.
  1. Template:Lts inline pipetricked links to sister wikipedia, non-specific pages
  2. Template:Lts Older name of above
  3. Template:Lts ditto, but Meta
  4. Template:Lts ditto, but Wiktionary, WD+Wd should redirect to this one.
  5. Template:Lts* Inline link to wikitionary definition (older names)
  6. Template:Lts* ditto
  7. Template:Lts ditto... Wikibooks pages
  8. Template:Lts* ditto for Commons
  9. Template:Lts older name for Cms, same uses.
  10. Template:Lts ditto, Wikisource
  11. Template:Lts ditto, Wikiquote
  12. Template:Lts ditto ... Wikispecies
  13. Template:Lts ditto ... Wikiversity
  14. Template:Lts ditto, Mediawiki
  15. Template:Lts Usage for all those above